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Personal Data:

Born in Gokarn (N. Kanara), Karnataka, India 
Family: Wife, Raji; Daughter: Mala 
Citizenship: United States



B.Sc. 1966; M.Sc. 1968 - Karnataka University (India) 
M.S. 1976; Ph.D. 1978 - University of South Florida (U.S.A.)
Postdtoral 1979 - 1982 - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL (U.S.A)


Experience in Higher Education:

1994-2009:     Professor of Chemistry, University of Maryland (UMBC) 
1986-1994:     Associate Professor of Chemistry, UMBC 
1982-1986:     Assistant Professor of Chemistry, UMBC 


Awards and Honors:

2009-2012:    Presidential Teaching Professor 
2002:             Maryland Chemist of the Year Award 
                      from American Chemical Society, Maryland Division 
2000-2001:    Outstanding Educator of the Year Award 
                      from Maryland Association for Higher Education (MAHE) 
1998-2001:    Presidential Research Professor 
1999:            Honorary Faculty Member, Golden Key National Honor Society 
1996:            Outstanding Mentor, Project SEED (American Chemical Society)


Historical Record of Grant Support: (~$10 Million)

(41) National Institutes of Health (NIGMS, #1R01GM087738) Inhibition of HCV as an Opportunistic HIV Co-infection, 2008-12

(40) American Heart Association (#AHA 0755372U), Artificial Blood Based on Hemoglobin Dendrimers, 2007-09

(39) North American Biologicals, Inc. (Nabi) , Ring-Expanded Nucleosides & Nucleotides, 1999-09

(38) National Institutes of Health (NIAID, #R21AI071802), Mechanistic Studies of Anti-HIV Activity, 2006-09

(37) Greenbaum Cancer Center, UMB, Novel Nucleoside Analogs as Cancer Chemotherapeutics, 2006-07

(36) National Institutes of Health (NIAID, #R01AI55452), “Fat” Nucleosides & Nucleotides, 2002-07

(35) Grace Chemical Co., Synthesis of Novel Thiophene Analogues for Artificial Membranes, 2004-05

(34) National Institutes of Health (NHLBI, #R01HL48632), Novel Org. Reagents for Biomed. Appls, 1999-03

(33) National Institutes of Health (NHLBI, #R01HL48632-S1), Res. Suppl. Minority Undergrad. Asst., 2000-02

(32) Transbio Corp., Synthesis of a Novel Heterocycle for Sensitive Detn. of Proteins & Nucl. Acids, 2001-01

(31) Novadaq Corp., Canada, Synthesis of Indocyanine Green for Surgery in Opthamology, 2001-01

(30) National Institutes of Health ((NCI, #R01 CA71079),“Fat” & “Slim” Nucleosides & Nucleotides, 1996-00

(29) National Institutes of Health ((NCI, #R01 CA71079-S1), Res. Suppl. Minority Undergrad. Asst.,1997-00

(28) Maryland Industrial Partnership (MIPS #910.19), Nucleosides for Antiviral Activity, 1997-99

(27) National Science Foundation (Whalen, P. I.), High Field NMR Inter. Data Anal. & Modeling, 1996-98

(26) National Institutes of Health (NHLBI, #R01 HL33629), Novel Org. Reagents for Biomed. Appl., 1994-97

(25) Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS #813.18), Stable Photochromic Compounds, 1994-96

(24) National Institutes of Health (NIGMS, #R01 GM49249), Novel Antiretroviral Nucleo(s/t)ides, 1992-96

(23) Boehringer-Mannheim Corp., Novel Heterocycles as Potential Therapeutic Agents, 1991-96

(22) National Institutes of Health (NIGMS, #R01 GM49249), Res. Suppl. Minority Grad. Asst., 1992-95

(21) Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS, #1307.13), Novel Nucleosides for AIDS Therapy, 1992-95

(20) Rhone-Poulenc, Novel Heterocycles as Potential Agricultural Chemicals, 1991-95

(19) Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS, #2001.27), Hemoglobin Blood Substitutes, 1991-94

(18) Martin-Marietta Laboratories, Synthesis of Photochromes for Holograms & Sensor Protection , 1993-94

(17) Autodesk, Inc., Design & Synthesis of Novel Organic Molecules for Biomedical Applications, 1992-93

(16) Burns Laboratories, Inc., Altered Nucleoside with Potential for AIDS Therapy, 1991-1993

(15) Burns Laboratories, Inc., Human Hemoglobin Cross-Linking Reagents, 1991-93

(14) National Institutes of Health (P.I. G. Rosen, UMB), Synthesis of Heterocyclic Spin Labels, 1990-92

(13) National Institutes of Health (NCI, #1R01 CA36154), “Fat” Nucleosides & Nucleotides, 1987-91

(12) Dow-Elanco Co., Novel Organics for Agricultural and Biomedical Applications, 1987-91

(11) Am. Cancer Soc.(MD Progr.), Is There a Correln bet. Conformn. & Activity of Nucleo(s/t)ides?, 1989-90

(10) Cytel Corporation, Biological Screening of Potential Immune Modulating Agents, 1989-90

(09) Monsanto Agricultural Co., Novel Heterocycles for Potential Agricultural Applications, 1989-94

(08) E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Novel Het. Compds. as Potential Agricultural Chemicals, 1988-96

(07) American Heart Assoc., MD Affiliate, Inc., Synthetic Reagents to Cross-Link Hemoglobin, 1987-89

(06) Eli Lilly & Co., Novel Compounds for Potential Medicinal & Agricultural Applications, 1986-1993.

(05) National Institutes of Health (NHLBI, E. Bucci, P.I.), Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers, 1985-88

(04) Shell Development Company, Novel Compounds for Potential Agricultural Applications, 1985-86

(03) National Institutes of Health (NCI, #R01 CA36154), Synthetic Analogues of Coformycin, 1984-87

(02) Project SEED, Am. Chem. Soc., Summer Educational Experience for the Disadvantaged, 1983-00.

(01) Petroleum Research Fund, American Chemical Society, Total Synthesis of Coformycin, 1983-85


Professional Activities:

Editorial Activities: Member, Editorial Board, Cancer Open Access, Managing Editor, Frontiers in Bioscience; Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry; Regional Editor, Molecules.


Panel Membership: Grant Proposal Review Panels:

(1) Panel Member, NIH AIDS Discovery & Development Study Section [ADDT], 2002-2006
(2) Ad Hoc Member, NIH AIDS SBIR/STTR Study Section [AARR-E], 2002-2004
(3) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Drug Discovery, Development, and Delivery Study Section [SSS-L], 2004
(4) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Biodef. & Emerg. Infect. Diseases Study Sect. [ZAI 1 RCG-M (M2)], 2004
(5) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Hematology Bioengineering Study Section [ZRG1 HEME-D 50], 2005
(6) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Bioengineering Partnership Study Section [ZRG1-HEME-C-50R], 2006
(7) Ad Hoc Member, NIH RAID (Rapid Access to Intervention Development) Review Panel, 2006
(8) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Discov. &  Develop. Program Proj. (P01) Special Emphasis Panel, 2006
(9) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Program Project (P01), Blood Substitutes, Special Emphasis Panel, 2007
(10) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Co-op. Res. Partnership on Influenza (U01), Special Emph. Panel, 2007
(11) Ad Hoc Member, NIH AIDS Discovery & Develop. Special Emph. Panel (ZRG1-AARR-D), 2007
(12) Ad Hoc Member, FDA Site Visit Review Panel, Office of Biotechnology Products, 2/23/2007
(13) Ad Hoc Member, NIH AIDS Program Proj. & Center Grants Review Panel (ZRG1-AARR-A), 2007
(14) Ad Hoc Member, NIH AIDS Program Proj. (P01) Grants Rev. Panel [ZRG1 AARR-A (40)], 2007

(15) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Co-op. Res. Partnership in Biodefense, Special Emphasis Panel, 2007

(16) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Program Project (P01), Blood Substitutes, Sp.Emph.Panel, 2008

(17) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Minority Biomedical Res. Support (MBRS) Program in Chemistry, 2008

(18) Ad Hoc Member, NIH AIDS Progr. Proj. (P01) Rev. Panel [ZRG1 AARRA (40)], 2008

(19) Ad Hoc Member, NIH RAID (Rapid Access to Intervention Development) Review Panel, 2008

(20) Ad Hoc Member, NIH Diversity Fellowship Review Panel (ZRG1 SBIB-V (29)L)), 2009

(21) Ad Hoc Member, NIH/NHLBI Special Review Committee on Transfusion Medicine, 2009

(22) Ad Hoc Member, NIH/NIAID Challenge Grants Review Panel, 2009


Peer Reviewer: 

Grant Proposals: PRF, NIH, NSF, Am. Heart Assoc., Res. Corp., Guggenheim Foundation 

Journals: JACS, JOC, Tet. Lett., J.Het.Chem., J. Med. Chem., Synthesis, Chem. Ber., Liebigs Ann. Chem., Nucleosides & Nucleotides, Nucl. Acids Res., J. Biomol.Struct. Dyn., Tetrahedron, Angewandte Chemie, Eur. J. Org. Chem., Hemoglobin, Bioorg. Med. Chem., Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.

Memberships: Sigma Xi; Affiliate IUPAC, Am. Chem. Soc., Chem. Soc.(London), Internat. Soc. Heterocycl. Chem., American Assoc. Adv. Science.


My Research Interests

My research interests areBiomedicinal Chemistry with applications inantiviral and anticancer therapy, as well asBiomedical Technology with applications inartificial blood. Our research, in general, involves computer-assistedmolecular modeling,organic synthesis,,biochemical & biophysical studies, and physiological & biological screening. The two specific current areas of research interests  include:

(A) "Fat" Nucleosides and Nucleotides as Potential Anticancer and Antiviral Agents:These novel ring-expanded ("fat") nucleoside/nucleotide analogues, designed and synthesized in this lab, have been found to be potent, broad-spectrum anticancer and antiviral agents with little, if any, toxicity to the host.  Our current focus is on prostate and breast cancers, as well as on West Nile, Hepatits B, and Hepatitis C viruses.  "Fat" nucleotides are potential modulators of tumor and/or viral DNA/RNA when incorporated, which may consequently result in nucleic acid chain termination ( Fig. 1), and hence inhibition of the viral or tumor replication.  In addition, because of their unique structural, spatial, and conformational characteristics, "fat" nucleosides/-tides are excellent probes for nucleic acid metabolism, structure, and function.









(B) Artificial Blood for Emergency Transfusions: One of our research areas focuses on developing substitutes for human blood for emergency transfusions.  In view of the current world events engulfed in terrorism and wars, the need for a blood substitute is becoming increasingly pressing. The scarcity of blood for emergency transfusions, especially when rare types are needed, the possible trans­mission of diseases associated with blood transfusion such as AIDS and hepatitis, the limitations on storage stability of intact blood, the necessity for blood typing before transfusion, and not to mention the ancillary religious reasons for non-acceptance of donated blood by certain ethnic individuals, give compelling impetus to pursue an alternative for whole blood.  To this end, we are involved in computer-aided design and chemical synthesis of novel polyfunctional organic reagents to cross‑link hemoglobin (see Fig. 2).   The modified cell-free hemoglobins are to be used in emergency transfusions with no necessity to type or cross-match the patient’s blood and with no fears of transmission of blood-borne diseases.  The covalently cross-linked hemoglobins are supposed to overcome the two major problems associated with cell-free hemoglobins, including their quick elimination by kidneys, and their too high oxygen affinity that prevents adequate oxygen transport from lungs to tissues.








My Awarded US & World Patents


R. S. Hosmane, V. Raman, and R. Kumar, "Fused Diimidazodiazepine Compounds and Methods of Use and Manufacture Thereof," US Patent# 8518901 B2, August 27, 2013.


R. S. Hosmane, V. Raman, and R. Kumar, "Fused Diimidazodiazepine Compounds as Antitumor Agents and Their Preparation, Pharmaceutical Compositions and Use in the Treatment of Cancers," World Patent# WO 2010039187 A2 20100408 , April 8, 2010.


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B. Burns, R.S. Hosmane "Preparation of ring-expanded bases, nucleosides and nucleotides as virucides, bactericides, fungicides, and parasiticides." World Patent# WO 9509175 A1 19950406 , April 6, 1995.


E. Bucci, C. Fronticelli-Bucci, R. S. Hosmane, "Preparation of Intramolecularly Cross-Linked Hemoglobin for Transfusion," US Patent# 4584130 A, April 22, 1986.


My Selected Research Publications (Out of >160)


M. Xie, R. G. Lapidus, M. Sadowska, M. J. Edelman, and R. S. Hosmane, "Synthesis, anticancer activity, and SAR analyses of compounds containing the 5:7-fused 4,6,8-triaminoimidazo[4,5-e][1,3]diazepine ring system," Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2016, 24, 2595-2602.


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My Laboratory


















My Research Group


As of December 2008, I have had more than 150 people who worked in my lab since I joined the faculty of UMBC in 1982, including high school seniors, undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral research associates, visiting research scientists, and visiting professors.  While I have had the professional pleasure of collaborating and/or training these various individuals in my specific research areas, I have also benefitted and learnt a lot from them both professionally and socially.  Day-to-day interaction with my research group, in itself, has been a great learning experience for me as my group over the past few years has been a unique mix of racial and ethnic diversity, comprised of whites, blacks, Indians, Chinese, Germans, French, Polish, Russians, Koreans, Syrians, and Iranians.  All my former graduate and postdoctoral students have been well-placed in academia, industry, or government.   The following is a list of some of the photographs of my research group over the years:

   The following is a list of some of the photographs of my research group over the years:

(0) Good Old Graduate Days of RSH Good Old Graduate Days of RSH in the 70's (1) Research Group Picnic, 1986: Mike Rauser and Me. Mike was an undergraduate student working in my lab, who went on to become a surgeon in opthamology.  (2) Research Group Picnic, 1987: (L to R) Susan Babyak, Craig Bertha (M.S. 1989; Ph.D. 1992), Song Ho, Chong Son, Warren Denis, Bert Ozgun, and myself.  (3) Research Group Picnic, 1988: (L to R) Seema Bhat, Mrinal Guha, Mala Hosmane, Pursottam Bhan, Kevin Bertha, Mrs. Bertha, Aditya Bhat, Raji Hosmane, Ben Lim (M.S.; 1986, Ph.D. 1989), Craig Bertha, Ruth Stevens, Ram Hosmane, Elaine Stevens, Mike Rauser, Bert Ozgun.  (4) Research Group Picnic, 1989: (L to R) Fred Burnett (Ph.D. 1995), Ram Hosmane, Ram Mohan, Mala Hosmane, Anila Bhan, Raji Hosmane, Mrs. Vaidya.  (5) Research Group Picture, 1990:  The names are given on the back of their Group Teashirts.  (6) Research Group Picture, 1991 (in front of the Chemistry building): (L to R) Mary Mumper (Ph.D. 1996), Anila Bhan (Postdoc, 1985-95), Fred Burnett (Ph.D. 1995), Mi Kyung Hong (Ph.D. 1996), Craig Bertha (Ph.D. 1992), Ram Hosmane, Vimisha Patel (Project SEED student), Folami Baker (Project SEED student), Vishu Bhadti (Postdoc 1989-96).  (7) Graduation , 1992 (with Craig Bertha).  (8) Research Group Picture, 1993: (L to R) Peter (Zhiyuan) Sun (Visiting Professor, 1993-95), Srinivasan Natesan (Visiting Scientist, 1993-94), Ben Lim (Postdoc, 1993-94 ), Sam Agasimundin (Visiting Professor, 1993-94), Vishu Bhadti (postdoc, 1989-96), Fred Burnett (Ph.D. 1995), Kumar Rajappan (Ph.D. 1998), Ram Hosmane (with toupee), Mi Kyung Hong (Ph.D. 1996), Prasad Peri (Postdoc, 1993-97), Anila Bhan (Postdoc, 1985-95), Lijuan Wang (Ph.D. 1995), Mary Mumper (Ph.D. 1996).  (9) Research Group Picnic, 1994: (L to R) Vishu Bhadti (Postdoc, 1989-96), Anila Bhan (Postdoc 1985-95), Manik Bhan, Rhona Kalivretenos, Aris Kalivretenos, Mary Mumper (Ph.D. 1996), James Huang/Wang, David Huang, Lijuan Wang (Ph.D. 1995), Sam Agasimundin (Visiting Professor, 1993-94), Fred Burnett (Ph.D. 1995), Mr. Hong, Mi Kyung Hong (Ph.D. 1996), Ram Hosmane, Srinivasan Natesan (Visiting Scientist, 1993-94), Kumar Rajappan (Ph.D. 1998), Peter (Zhiyuan) Sun (Visiting Professor, 1993-95). (10) Dr. Hosmane addressing the convocation audience on the occasion of receiving the Presidential Research Professor award for the years 1998-2001 from the University on October 2, 1998. (11) Group Picnic, 1999 (Large Central Panel with Caption), (L to R) First Row (F to B): Julie Gill (B.S. 1999), Saika Siddiqui (M.S. 1999), Njeri Ngaine, Karla Somerville-Armstrong, Mike Armstrong; Second Row (F to B): Maria Bretner (Research Associate, 1997-99), Bruce Gustafson, Tim Roach; Third Row(F to B): Ning Zhang, Ayub Reayi, Mrs. Shairose Reayi; Fourth Row(F to B): Lino Korah, Naznin Vahora, Huanming Chen (Research Associate, 1997-), Sunny Chen; missing from the photograph (see the panel immediately above for the picture):  Jessica Metzler (sitting with Bruce Gustafson and Mike Armstrong).  (12) Group Picnic 2001 (June 29): (L to R) Peng Zhang, Mrs. Akkamahadevi Agasimundin, Dr. Yankanagouda (Sam) Agasimundin, Henok Aynalem, Stacey Simmons, Ram Hosmane, Bruce Gustafson, Ning Zhang, missing from the picture (Ayub Reayi).  (13)Additional Pictures from Group Picnic 2001 (Part I)  (14) Graduation Pictures of Karla Somerville-Armstrong on December 20, 2001 (15) Picture of Meera Shah (M. S., 2002) (16) Group Picnic Pictures 8/1/2002 (Part I)  (17) Group Picnic Pictures 8/1/2002 (Part II) (18) Group Picnic Pictures 8/1/2002 (Part III) (19) The U.S. Visit of My Friend and Collaborator Dr. Peter Borowski and His Wife Edith from Hamburg, Germany During September 24-26, 2002.  (20) Pictures from the Maryland Chemist of the Year Award Ceremony (UMBC News Release), December 11, 2002.  (21) Rose (M.S. 1998) with Her Husband Lee and Daughter Emily (2003)   (22) Research Group Pictures of 2003 (Lunch at Old Country Buffet (Summer '03)  (23) Graduation Party at Hosmane Residence for Ayub Reayi (Ph.D., '03) and Tim Roach (Ph.D., '03) on December 16, 2003  (24) Graduation Pictures of Ayub Reayi (Ph.D., '03) on December 18, '03.  (25) Research Group Barbeque Dinner at Hosmane Residence on July 5, 2004.  (26) Annual Research Group Picnic at Cunnigham Falls State Park on July 23, 2004.  (27) More Pictures of Group Picnic on July 23, 04  (28) Birthday Celebration at Bombay Grill, Towson, MD on December 5, 2004:  (a) Part-I,  (b) Part-II   (29) Ning Zhang Graduation Party at Hosmane Residence on November 19, 2005 (30) Research Group Picture_05 (31) Peng (Penny) Zhang Graduation Party at Hosmane Residence on March 10, 2007 (32) Peng Zhang Convocation Pictures 2007 (33) Group Picnic 2007 at Gunpowder Falls State Park   (34) Thanksgiving Party of RSH Group on Saturday November 17, 2007   (35) Surprise Birthday Party at Hosmane Residence on December 9, 2007   (36) Group Lunch at Indian Delight Restaurant on December 27, 2007 (37) Group Photo with Dr. Rama Rao, Director, NIPER, India on June 19, 2008 (38) (a) Group Picnic 2008_Part-I at Greenbriar State Park (b) Group Picnic Part-II (c) Group Picnic Part-III (39) Surprise Birthday Party for Dr. Hosmane & Min Xie at the Department on December 12, 2008   (40) Farewell Party for Dr. Ravi Ujjinamatada and his family, including his wife Ashwini and daughter Prisha at the Department on January 1, 2009   (41) Presidential Teaching Professor Award to Dr. Hosmane, April 2009, for the years 2009-2012 (42) Keynote Speech at the UMBC Fall Convocation on August 31, 2009(43) Group Picnic 2009, Susquehanna State Park, Havre de Grace, Maryland (44) Surprise Birthday Party for Dr. Hosmane & Sarah Wang (Min Xie) at the Department on December 14, 2009   (45) Retirement Party Pictures of Dr. Hosmane at Hosmane Residence on Jan 6, 2010 (46) Group Picnic Pictures, 2010, at Greenbriar State Park, August 7, 2010   (47) 66th Birthday Party Pictures of Dr. Hosmane at Hosmane Residence on December 7, 2010   (48) Potluck Lunch at Hosmane Residence on February 5, 2011   (49) Family Pictures of Dr. Raj Kumar (Postdoc 2007-08), Mrs. Shweta Raj Kumar and Master Tanvish Raj Kumar   (50) Potluck Lunch at Hosmane Residence on June 18, 2011  (51) Birthday Celebrations of Saritha and Tanvish Raj Kumar August, 2011   (52) The Last Supper with the Hosmanes' at their Maryland residence on October 12, 2011   (53) Doctoral Graduation Party Pictures Taken on May 18 and May 19, 2012   (54) Wedding Pictures of Drs. Margaret and Bryan Curtin, June 1, 2012  


The Courses I Taught


(A) Undergraduate Courses:

 CHEM 351: Introd. Organic Chemistry-Part I
 CHEM 352: Introd. Organic Chemistry-Part II
 CHEM 351L: Org. Chem. Laboratory-Part I
 CHEM 352L: Org. Chem. Laboratory-Part II
 CHEM 450: Chem. of Heterocyclic Compds
 CHEM 450L: Advanced Organic Synthesis Lab
 CHEM 453: Organic Chem. of Nucleic Acids
 CHEM 454: Advanced Organic Synthesis

 CHEM 455: Introd. to Biomedicinal Chemistry
 CHEM 457: Total Synthesis of Nat. Products


(B) Graduate Courses:
 CHEM 650: Chem. of Heterocyclic Compds
 CHEM 653: Organic Chem. of Nucleic Acids
 CHEM 654: Advanced Organic Synthesis
 CHEM 655: Introd. to Biomedicinal Chemistry
 CHEM 657: Total Synthesis of Nat. Products


My Favorite Entertainments

Indian Movies, Arts, Dances, and Songs:

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August 12, 1998
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